Boosting cellular homeostasis to
prevent and treat diseases of aging

Society is facing unprecedented health and economic burdens associated with aging.

Worldwide population is rapidly becoming older and living more unhealthy years. The fact we treat diseases individually is contributing to the increase in the incidence of age-related diseases.

Booster aims to change this paradigm by tackling a key feature of aging:
Collapse of cellular homeostasis.

Booster Therapeutics

Homeostasis is the steady-state of cellular function and is maintained by a complex cellular network. A key characteristic of homeostasis is the equilibrium between biogenesis, and the elimination of damaged cellular components.

Booster Therapeutics

While we age, our cells lose the ability to efficiently eliminate damaged cellular components. These components accumulate and lead to the collapse of homeostasis.

The accumulation of non-functional cellular components is not only intrinsically associated with aging, but also numerous diseases share this feature.

Booster is tackling this problem and changing the way diseases of aging are treated by targeting a cellular system that regulates, and maintains cellular homeostasis.

In healthy humans, the capacity of this machinery declines with age. However, in centenarians and long-lived animals, its function remains steady. Moreover, modulation of this master machinery is associated with the longevity of multiple organisms.

Booster Therapeutics

At Booster, we are convinced that modulation of cellular homeostasis will help patients with currently untreatable diseases.